When looking at the many different options available for getting a website built, it is easy to be overwhelmed by the huge variety of services on offer.  Affordable website design can be even more tricky. You need a website that will give you a return on investment. It needs to look great. It needs to tell the world what you do and why you are the best at it. With so many options from the ‘Do-it-yourself’ to the full service firms such as Leopard Agency, how do you know what is best for you?

Read on for more on choosing affordable website design services.

10 things to consider when choosing an affordable website design service:

  1. How involved do you wish to be with the development of your site?

    We strongly advise anyone considering investing in a professional website to be prepared to set aside time to plan their site. If you work with an agency the initial consultation will be critical in getting an effective website. Here at Leopard Agency we always believe face to face is best. We do however offer email and telephone consultations where this is preferred or more practical. We can even discuss ideas using video calls or a shared online workspace.

  2. Is your website going to be easy to maintain and update?

    Your website needs to be an effective business tool. Regular updates are a necessity. There is multiple reasons for this. Firstly they keep the website accurate. Additionally regular quality content updates give your site better search rankings. At Leopard Agency all of our websites are built using the easy to use content management system WordPress. We also offer recurring maintenance services. If you chose this option we take care of all your updates and amendments. We can even write articles for you to keep your website regularly updated with fresh content.

  3. Does your chosen service allow for sufficient depth of content?

    When looking at affordable website design services you need to consider how much content you wish to use. This is about more than just displaying everything you do. Good depth of content will ensure good ranking on Google. This is essential for getting the right visitors to your site. Ideally you should be looking for a service that is fully scale-able and has the potential to grow your site over time.

  4. What imagery will your website be using?

    It is impossible to build a modern website without some use of imagery. Some websites take this a step further and add video. This can work well for eye grabbing headers. It is also a great way to show personality. If using any imagery consider the source and quality. All images need to be of professional quality. Ensure they are high resolution to avoid distortion on modern displays.  All our packages use high quality stock images. We can also arrange professional photographers experienced in marketing photography.

  5. What devices will your visitors be using?

    It is a fact that more than half of all web sessions are completed from mobile devices (Statcounter). It is therefore crucial that your site is responsive to any device. Some services consider this to still be an option. We however think it is now essential. That is why all Leopard Agency sites use responsive design. This ensures they look great on mobile, tablet or desktop.

  6. Consider the quality and cost of your hosting

    Imagine for a moment you had invested your hard earned money in to a fantastic new website. You are excited to show your clients your new site, but when you load it up nothing happens. This is exactly what can happen if your hosting is not suitable. Here at Leopard Agency we work with industry leaders. We ensure your site is hosted on extremely fast, reliable hosting. Even better all new website clients receive the first 12 months hosting free!

  7. If you value your site security, ensure your site is secured with an SSL certificate

    Site security has become a much bigger focus in recent years. Browsing sites which do not implement basic security measures can now give nasty warnings to your visitors. This can prevent your visitors from ever reaching your site. At Leopard Agency we include an SSL certificate for all our sites. We also work with a leading digital security consultancy to offer extended services.

  8. Will you need e-commerce and/or booking capabilities?

    When looking for affordable website design it is important to consider if you will be taking payments through your site. Adding in any form of payment requires an additional set of skills. It also requires smooth integration with third party services, such as your payment service provider. At Leopard Agency we have experience working with different PSP’s and e-commerce solutions. This enables us to build reliable, well integrated e-commerce sites.

  9. Consider how your website strategy will tie in with your wider marketing strategy

    Your website should be a core part of your marketing strategy. It will draw in potential new clients and can be the key tool for converting them to customers. Your site needs to funnel your social media marketing efforts in order to convert leads. Therefore both your website and social media should be regularly updated. This in turn will generate high quality traffic.

  10. Should you pay for design/development when you can do it yourself?

    There are a number of DIY solutions available. Indeed if you have the time, and skill to create a site they can offer good value. It is however very time consuming and requires a level of design skill to get a site near the quality of a professional. The clients we speak to who have tried this approach describe quickly becoming overwhelmed both with the time necessary to create a content rich website and the need to constantly update the site. The feature set is also often very limited.  We will look more at the pro’s and con’s of DIY vs Agency in a future article.

We really hope the above tips have been helpful for you. A website is key to any business. Getting it right can be the difference between a bad investment and a great one. For total piece of mind contact us now to discuss your ideas.


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