“The beauty of SEO is that, instead of pushing a marketing message onto folks who don’t want to hear what you have to say, you can appear before them at exactly the moment they are looking for it. It’s pull vs. push.” — Cyrus Shepard

In the modern online landscape where practically every company has a website the old adage ‘build it and they will come’ sadly does not hold true. Without additional work the best website in the world will receive little to no visitor traffic. We believe in a multi-toothed approach to bring visitors to your site, consisting of both organic and paid promotion. One thing however which has not changed since the early days of the internet, is that the majority of your traffic will likely still be driven by search engines, primarily google.

It is precisely for this reason that we are passionate about the role SEO plays in your digital marketing strategy. For your website to be an effective business tool the first thing it needs is visitors, more precisely prospective customers which you can convert to paying customers through an effective sales funnel embedded in the design of your website.

We offer SEO as both a one time service and our recommended option of a recurring service, whereby we will constantly monitor your site’s performance and optimise for search.

About Us

Leopard Agency was formed in 2018. Our mission is to deliver high quality, professional websites and digital marketing at affordable and completely transparent prices. Giving our clients an excellent return on investment.

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